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【知识】3张图秒懂“英式亚博全站app 8”和“美式亚博全站app 8”的区别!

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学习亚博全站app 8这么多年,很多小伙伴虽然知道英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8有差异,但只是略知一二,像“color”(颜色)、“honor”(荣誉)和“favor”(喜爱)等这些词,区别就是有无字母“u”,但是到底是英式亚博全站app 8有呢还是美式亚博全站app 8有,自己也不是很清楚,甚至在写亚博全站app 8的时候英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8混着来,这样的话就很不规范。

其实除了拼写上的差异,很多单词的意思在英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8中也有着很大的不同。

《每日邮报》的这3张图片,让你一秒看懂英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8的不同。

While Britain and the US may have historically shared a 'special relationship', it doesn't mean they're actually talking the same language.


Anyone who has jumped across the pond to visit their transatlantic cousins will have noticed that the two nations are prone to getting their wires crossed.


From confusion over pants and trousers to the very different uses of the word rubber, a handy infographic has outlined 63 of the main differences between British and American English nouns.

从“pants” “trousers”的困惑到单词“rubber”截然不同的用法,这张实用的信息图会告诉你63个名词在英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8中的不同之处。

Whether you're taking a vacation in the US or holiday in Britain you're likely to encounter different terms to describe everything from food to clothing, as highlighted by an infographic from Grammar Check.

不管你是在美国旅游还是英国度假,你都很有可能遇到食物、衣服等等的不同表述。Grammar Check的这张信息图就足以概括。

Some differences, such as British football being called soccer in the US, are well known to sports fans, but tourists ordering food need to be vigilant if they don't want any dining surprises.


The name of potato-based items seems to be one of the most baffling differences. Chips in the US are crisps in the UK and chips in the UK are fries in the States.


The names of sweet snacks are also lost in translation with biscuits and sweets in Britain known as cookies and candy, respectively, in America.

英式亚博全站app 8中“biscuits””sweets“这类甜点的名称也有所不同,在美式亚博全站app 8中分别对应的是”cookies“和”candy“。

You'll also need to be careful if you're visiting anywhere with a strict dress code(严格的着装规定).


A Brit told to come in pants and a vest would arrive in a state of undress compared to their formally attired American friends sporting waistcoats and trousers.

如果告知一个英国人要穿 ”pants“和”vest“,他很有可能会半裸着来,而他们的美国朋友则会穿着西裤和休闲马甲盛装出席。(在英式亚博全站app 8中,”pants“指内裤,”vest“指背心)

Similarly if a Brit were told there is only enough hand luggage space for a purse they might be left wondering what to do with the rest of their handbag.

相同地,如果英国人被告知随身行李只可容纳一个”purse“,他们就可能会疑惑手提包怎么办。(”purse“:英式亚博全站app 8中指钱包;美式亚博全站app 8中指女用手提包)

Legal matters could cause confusion, too.


For any case where you would hire an attorney in America you'll need to look up a barrister in Britain.


Meanwhile, if you're American and your hire car breaks down while you're visiting the UK and a mechanic asks you to pop the bonnet, you may be left scratching your head.

与此同时,如果你是一个美国人,在英国旅游时,你的车抛锚了,修理工让你打开bonnet时你可能会百思不得其解。(”bonnet“美式亚博全站app 8指软帽)

The bonnet in Britain is the hood in America, while the boot in Britain is the trunk in the States.


原来英式亚博全站app 8和美式亚博全站app 8竟有这么多差异,你们还不赶紧拿小本本记啊,等着出糗吗???

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